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Excellent usage of the #GoBack™ catheter from Upstream Peripheral Technologies Inc. by Oulu university hospital, Finland!

62 year old woman, current smoker. Symptom of claudication. In MRA, a chronic occlusion of the distal aorta, right CIA and entire left iliac line was seen.

Recanalization from the right with a guidewire is successful, but from the left the guidewire repeatedly drifts into the subintimal space due to heavy calcification. With a 4F GoBack device, a successful re-entry with a 0.018” wire was easily achieved using the measuring catheter’s x-ray positive marking on the aortic stump as a target.

Post recanalization a PTA of the stenosed distal aorta and the iliacs was done, followed by 7mm Viabahn stent grafts and nitinol stents on both sides.

Congratulations to Dr. Antti Marttila and the entire team for the great job!